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    Substance Abuse - I Kill You

    Phil recently shared about a new blog he will be disseminating.  His first post, is entitled "Substance Abuse - I Kill You". 


    Please read the his blogpost and share your comments here.

    Do you agree with the message Phil is sharing?  Why or Why not?

    Tax And Finance Guide

    Explore both traditional and non-traditional work settings and their impact on your tax and finances.

    Course creator: Cortney Lovell

    RCA for Young Adults Distance Learning Day Two (6 Hours)

    The Center for Addiction Recovery Training (CART) has developed the Recovery Coach Academy© for Young Adults to enhance the skills of those individuals who will be supporting young adults on their recovery journey.  We believe this is one of the best training programs available for anyone interested in utilizing recovery coaching to support young people. Whether you are in recovery yourself, are a friend, family member, or ally of a young person in recovery, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to guide and mentor others through their own recovery process.  Much like the journey of recovery, this training provides you with a transformational experience. Whether you end up coaching professionally, use these services in a volunteer role, or wish to use this to work on your own recovery, you will be transformed.